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 DarkSergs news

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Central 46

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PostSubject: DarkSergs news   2/5/2009, 2:01 pm

well as some ppl should have noticed i havent logged in rom for a long time and the reason is that i dont have much time an that i lost interest in it, well the truth is that i never really liked it from the beggining but i just lvled to keep up with the guild and my captain rank. Said this i give permission to the current captains to give my 2nd division captain rank to te one who best deserves it and i hope that the one who gets it does a better work than i did.

I think this is a sort of goodbye so i want to thank everyone, especially those with whom i had a better relationship: Captain, Black, Zang, Xeno, petro and Soulus. I hope i was helpful during the time that i was active. I would be checking the forums and posting from tme to time so behave and Ёlisten to teacherЁ

i wish the best of the luck for the guild

good bye Crying or Very sad

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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   2/5/2009, 2:48 pm

there is ether saga comin though. what if u like that game and so does alot of others here? im sure there be a new 13 squad to join then....
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Central 46

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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   2/5/2009, 4:35 pm

Yes Dark don't leave us for good :S

Some of us are checking out this game aswell:

Anyway come on xfire sometimes man :S so we can still keep contact Smile


High Council of Central 46
'Alone we shall stand' 'But together we shall be victorious'
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Central 46

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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   2/5/2009, 11:13 pm

very nicely done. <smiles>

IGN: Xeno [Warrior/Rogue], Prosperity [Priest/Mage]
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Central 46

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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   2/6/2009, 10:12 am

Serg this is just goodbye from RoM but stay in community Smile)
I dont want to bore u why u dont like it its your opinion personaly i dont like eather saga but ok if u like it its fine by me Razz
Anyway stay on forum so we can hear each other form time to time Smile


8th Division Captain
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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   2/6/2009, 5:47 pm

Sorry to see u leave Darkserg
Althrough i havent spoken to u or even know u. I know that for other guildies to care so much u must be a good person. It's sad to see a good person and guild member leave.

Good luck and i hope u can continue to stay in touch cheers
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Skilled Shinigami

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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   2/6/2009, 10:03 pm

I will miss U bro Dark....U have always been one of the few people who understood me well Ty bro I will miss U..

Have fun! Take care Very Happy
cheers cheers cheers

P.S.: If its true that Ur planing to try Ether saga out..i may try it too..hope to meet U there ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: DarkSergs news   

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DarkSergs news
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