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 Achievement Screenies in GW

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PostSubject: Achievement Screenies in GW   2/17/2009, 7:56 pm

Post here your screenies from achievements you made in the game.
With achievements i mean things like: HA high ranked victories, expensive epic items, 15k armor, titles, dungeon runs, etc..

Just show us some of your achievements Very Happy

I'll start:

Here is my warrior ursan tank(before lame nerf No )
I killed Nulfastu Earthbound, the spirit boss in the pretty looking bunny trap.

Here my Ranger took Glint's egg and after that killed her Cool :

My Ranger with bandana and Dragon Gauntlets (Dwarf rank 5):

Here my ranger just got Tyrian explorer rank 2 (already have rank 3 80% now though):

Here is my monk with an elemental caster sword:


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PostSubject: Re: Achievement Screenies in GW   2/18/2009, 8:29 am

Nice nice bro:)
Never heard about that game before though...
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Achievement Screenies in GW
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