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 World of Bloodcraft

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PostSubject: World of Bloodcraft   8/4/2009, 11:27 am

Hi ppl just want to introduce u to this great server with great community Smile
The server is best Smile
If u looking to play game that is balanced and theres no cs and the game that is one of best mmorpgs in world then join world of bloodcraft couse its 1000% better than any free to play mmorpg Smile
Best PvP and best PvE all that u like about mmorpgs u can find in this game.
Still everyone has their own opinion about what they like and i respect that Smile
So its your choise what u ll spend your free time on Smile
I copied most stuff from their forum and site but they are all correct Smile
About World of Bloodcraft:
We are dedicated to keeping World of Warcraft as it is meant to be played. All rates are set to x1 with no custom content. The server never had and will never have donations for gear. The only way to get items is to earn them the real way... through playing the game. For BloodCraft, fairness is the key.
This is their site:
And this is their forum:
This is new(its not that old) server that is growing bigger every day,im playing on it.I will tell u there are active gms that keep game fair and runing and they are like real gms maybe better Smile
U can learn more about server here and u ll find all that would interest u allso on the forums:
If u have some questions ask freely i ll answer them.

More info:

1. Donations. We simply dont have them at all. If youve been around on private servers for a bit and, even more so, prefer x1 realms, you know what this means.

Generally, private servers (almost all) use what they call donations to fund their costs (it is what they officially say). Many such servers claim to have costs reaching from 100$-500$ and more per month. It has been said that some make as much as 2000$-3000$ per month from so called donations. Where the spare money goes...well, take a guess.

Now, all those servers use the term donation to have a legal cover. They will even insist that donating money to them is voluntary (which is true) and does not equal buying virtual items with real money (which is a lie). If they claim they are not selling virtual items, why is there a price tag on every single one listed under their donation tab? By donating, people are entitled to chose a reward item that will be presented to their character in-game. Admins running the show will tell you their donators dont have to chose a reward for their money and can give it for free. But lets be serious... anyone with a little brains can easily see the pay receive arrangement, even if its not so clear from the legal point of view (getting money for services youre not entitled to sell).

But what do donations mean in-game? Well, a lot. Many servers facilitating donation systems will sell end game items, levels, custom (super powerful) items or even GM powers for real money. What does that say about fair play towards people that do not want or can not donate? From experience, I know that players that bought power in-game, using real money, like to use it. Imagine players with unfair gear PvP those who play unaltered characters. Imagine so many players running around in T6 alike equipment although they dont even know what Black Temple looks like. If I use the word ganking, will that ring a bell?

World of BloodCraft NEVER had or will have any donation system. We do not sell items, levels or anything else for that matter. The Realm is run for fun and education ONLY. There is no money involved in it. Well, no give receive relation to be strict. The server does produce bills. However, BloodCraft is privately hosted on a good connection and is being paid for PURELY with Admin money.

2. Fairness. Not having donors running around in super gear goes a long way towards reaching our goal of fair play for all members. But apart from that, we are constantly on guard of fairness on the realm. We know no private (emulated) server is perfect and that bugs are a fact. We do our best to keep them from altering the gameplay experience and potentially letting parties exploit and thus gain the upper hand.

Also, we are flexible and willing to adjust things to better suit the purpose of fair play experience. We keep changes at the minimum required but there are a few tweaks implemented to better server the needs of a private (and not as vastly populated) server realm.

All World of BloodCraft players are equal and none will receive any kind of special treatment from the staff. Playing the game is the only real way to get levels, items, gold etc. Even our events (and rewards) are much thought of and well balanced not to disturb the normal gameplay.

3. BlizzClone. This is sometimes taken as a synonym of BlizzLike. But recently, many other servers would use the term blizzlike for their realms and have them be (e.g.) x10 Xp, gold, drop etc. The meaning of the word got blurry.

World of BloodCraft is a BlizzClone, which means we stick to the original concept of World of Warcraft as closely as possible. All major rates are set to x1 and any customisations are kept to the minimum necessary (one such example are our AH tweaks all AHs linked + lowered deposit to encourage trading).

The experience members find here is the closest one can get to the real thing.

4. Staff Maturity. Ever been to a server where kids had GM powers? Or a server where admins thought just a little to high of themselves? Or maybe you just left your old realm because you couldnt stand the staff arrogance anymore?

You dont have to worry about any of that on World of BloodCraft. All our staff are adults, people with jobs, families or long term relationships and a lot of experience in dealing with people. No GM will ever abuse her power and no admin will blow in your face. All we want in return is your decency while interacting with other members of our community.

5. Bug-free. Well, we all know a 100% bug-free private server is impossible. *edit: And I am going to be honest, since WotLK, the realm has had somewhat more bugs than before, due to completely new emulator, which is a constant WIP.* We are however, doing our best to keep BloodCraft 99% free of bugs. Our team is working hard updating, amending and fixing things all the time. With the help of our community, we keep our realm near perfect, while constantly on the hunt for improvement.


 Scripted Dungeons (both normal and heroic mode)
 Daily quests
 PvP quests
 Working Battlegrounds
 Working Arena system
 Working Haala
 Mobs casting spells and with LoS (not running or seeing through walls)
 Almost all spells, abilities and talents working as intended
 Great most of quests working as intended
 The least bugs possible
 WotLk content more and more functional (it's a constant work)
 ...and many more

Enjoy Smile
And ask if u have any questions Smile


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World of Bloodcraft
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