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 Soulsociety ROM update

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PostSubject: Soulsociety ROM update   11/18/2010, 9:02 am

Hello, my name is Tawan and this is my first visit to these forums. I of course knew that Soul Society Gaming had a forum, but I also knew that not many ROM players have been using them for a while.

I read here that you have more or less lost contact to the SSG branch in ROM, and I would therefor like to offer you an update on us.

None of you probably know me, I joined the guild back in february, as far as I remember.

When I joined the guild had just begun running all of the bosses in the Hall of Survivors instance, and I participated in some of the first killings of the very last boss.
Soulsociety was at that time one of the four strongest guilds. Cursed, Orum, Syndicate and Soulsociety. Our relationship with Orum and Syndicate were always good, but Cursed we never liked, mostly because of their arrogant leader.
As far as I remember, Soulsociety was the first guild on our server to do a full Demon Stronghold run.

There has been a lot of new content since then, and a lot of members have either left, or had a break and returned.

Some months ago the guild Syndicate decided that they wanted to merge with us, because they had no tanks to do end game instances themselves. Not long after also Orum guild decided to merge with us, seeing as most of their members had left the game and they had become a small guild. These two mergers made Soulsociety the strongest guild on the server by far.

Siege wars was introduced, and Soulsociety quickly rised on the ranks, to be one of the top guilds participating in regular siege wars in ROM in generel. After a while at the top, other new guilds slowly made their way there.
On our server a new guild named Insidious, with old members from Cursed which had died, was formed and a few of our strongest players left to join it, and we had to face that Insidious had become the stronger guild.

A few weeks ago the former Syndicate members, that had merged with us, decided that they did not feel at home in our guild, and with the return of one of their old tanks, whom we had all helped gear since his equipment was outdated, Syndicate decided to reform in their own guild. This made Soulsociety even weaker of course, atleast to the PVP aspect of the game. PVE-wise we are still on top of our game, and we are probably the guild with the most end-game capable tanks, even though our numbers are few.
These days we are usually between 15 and 20 people online at a time. But no matter, Soulsociety was a small exclusive guild once, and it is now again.

Today two members kind of share the main leadership, them being Dingo and Rheia. Dingo was the leader at the time I joined, but Rheia took over when Dingo decided to have a break from the game. He has returned though.
Also players like Xantcha and Strongman have had a break, but have returned, and they are both high ranked officers, along with a player from the old Orum by the name of ymmees. Also I, Tawan, have a small part to play.

I would say that Soulsociety guild has gone from being one of the four strongest, to being the strongest, and is now back to being amongst the four or five top guilds. Not that we are really competing, we are just minding our business and having fun playing the game together.

Throughout the many months that I have been a member, Soulsociety has never directly been openly recruiting, but more of an exclusive guild that you would be invited into. Of course asking never hurts.

I guess that is all I can think of for now. If anyone is interested I could return now and then with a new update.
Other than that, I hope you are all well and enjoyed reading a bit about your brothers and sisters in ROM.

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PostSubject: Re: Soulsociety ROM update   11/24/2010, 2:09 pm

I have been wondering what was happening with the Soul Society guild, its good to know it has been doing well =D, I myself have been playing RoM a bit more lol!
I have been playing as a druid/warden class to be an awesome healer XD (yes I know... I was supposed to be the tank guy :p)

Ah well thats me with a post XD


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Soulsociety ROM update
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