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 Sayin Hi to everyone ^^

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PostSubject: Sayin Hi to everyone ^^   11/24/2010, 3:29 pm

Seen as I have FINALLY come back as well as reinstalled xfire and spammed up the live chat with 3 messages (makin up for lost time hehe) I will also add a thread simply saying...

HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers

hehehe, well to fill you guys on what i have been up 2...

I have been doing an animal care course at college, currently on my second year (last one)... So far it has been good, its being held at a farm (an unusual one at tht)... we have recently gotten 4 meerkats at the farm as well as some water dragons hehehe... did i say this was a weird farm?

I have been bitten only once by a snake here, was a very grumpy snake :p but was only a light bite from a milk snake lol!

I have also been playin on some several games as well as makin a new character on RoM, this time i took a different direction as a druid/warden class (who has some smexy floatin flowers for wings ^^), is currently lvl 27 (best char ever lol)
also been playin on:
  • dragon age origins
    war of angels
    forsaken world
    Bioshock 2
    Fable 3
    Black Ops
    stuff xD

there we go... end of thread ^^ hopefully il b able 2 chat with some of ya if we can manage 2 come online at same time instead of like a month per post XD
Peace out from your lovable post master XD



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Sayin Hi to everyone ^^
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