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 Next Captain's Meeting

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PostSubject: Next Captain's Meeting   9/25/2008, 5:33 pm

The Next Captain's Meeting will be this Saturday. Be sure to get the URL so you can get to my office for the meeting. This Meeting is for officer's only all Lieutenants please stay on stand by until the meeting is over. If you enter without explaining yourself you will be banned for my office chat room. The only way this will be removed is if you become a Captain of one of the 13 divisions. Remember I WILL NOT TOLERATE INTERUPTIONS! IT BETTER BE OF THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE TO INTERUPT THIS MEETING. The new URL for the chat room will be PMed to all captains.

It will be held at the same time as the last meeting.

American Time-Zones
7:00PM ET - New York, US
6:00PM CT - Houston, US
5:00PM MT - Denver, US
4:00PM PT - San Fransisco, US

Euro Time-Zones
10:00PM - London, UK
12:00AM - Jerusalem, Israel

If you can not figure out the time of the meeting please consult World Clock.

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Next Captain's Meeting
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